Cognitive Bias Cards By Sitback - For UX Professionals
Cognitive Bias Cards - Designed By UX Psychologists At Sitback
Cognitive Bias Cards - Designed By UX Psychologists At Sitback
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Cognitive Bias Cards From Sitback

Cognitive Bias Cards - Designed By UX Psychologists At Sitback

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The perfect addition to any User Experience Designer's toolkit, these Bias Cards summarise 25 common biases that researchers, designers, and participants may hold unconsciously.

Learning about these biases and regularly reviewing the cards reminds you to pay attention to the biases you, and others, may have and helps you react strategically to alleviate them.

The result? You'll conduct better user research resulting in more accurate observations, enabling you to design products, services, and user interfaces that deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Printed on gorgeous 240gsm Sovereign Offset board, with silky matte lamination on both sides - these cards are fantastic to hold in your hands, and the perfect size to be used in user or stakeholder workshops.

That's great, but what are Bias Cards?

Human capacity to perceive and process information is limited. If you think about how many thousands of stimuli we come into contact with each day, it's a wonder we can function at all!

To cope with this overload of information, we as humans have evolved a number of strategies to help us function within our busy world.

At Sitback, our UX Psychologists have created this set of Bias Cards that summarise 25 common biases that researchers, designers, and participants may hold unconsciously.

They are colour-coded according to five categories:

  1. First impression
  2. Influencing and decision-making
  3. Reacting
  4. Predicting
  5. Remembering

On each card, we explain what the bias is, and provide suggestions on how to mitigate.

Our Experience Design Consultants regularly use these cards in our Corporate UX Training sessions, and they have proven so popular, we just had to get them printed up for others to enjoy.

Order your Bias Cards pack today and take a positive step forward in improving your research and design skills!


Customer Reviews

"Sitback are our go-to agency for UX work, and their fabulous Bias Cards show why. I haven’t read such heuristics wisdom since Kahneman’s 'Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow'."

Michael Day, Publishing Manager, Australian Institute of Family Studies


"Love the Bias Cards, great idea! Well made, intriguing and topical. I found myself picking them up and flicking through them at random times. I found a few of the more eclectic biases interesting and thought-provoking."

Matt Denton, CEO, Safedome


"Your cards = cool fuckin' bananas. That’s all I wanted to say: thank you and keep doin' what you’re doin‘."

Stuart Braxton, Advisor, Smudge


"I train personnel for operating nuclear power systems at the largest nuclear power site in Canada. The bias cards are being used for human performance training. Cognitive bias is one area we are attempting to improve upon within our human performance/human factors training program."

Mike Chaisson, ISTG/Human Performance Sim., Ontario Power Generation


"I thought they could be useful for when I’m doing user interviews not having any personal experience in the industry myself and potentially having some preconceived ideas around the topic, and the user goals. On a personal level, I found the card on Reactive Devaluation useful when discussing ideas with my team - I found a few of us were doing this and being able to identify it really helped. Will definitely recommend the cards to other UXers I know!"

Adam Mützelburg, UX Designer, Racenet

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